unrelated life things

a couple unrelated things for your morning.

First things first, thanks for all of the sweet support yesterday.  i was in tears because of so many sweet comments and emails.  also because i know this is what i am supposed to be doing.  that’s a nice feeling(:

secondly.  wrapping paper.  i love brown paper packages tied with kitchen twine.  a little trimmings from the tree.  probably the cheapest option out there too. where my money hides is in the gift tags.  i can’t help myself.  particularly at pottery barn.  they are so darn cute.

did i tell you JB and I met up with Em at Ceviche in St. Pete.  You know the Emily that is in the airforce and is a doctor and looks like  Barbie?  That’s the one!  love her.
{and yes, i am wearing my swagg}

Lola.  don’t be fooled by those eyes … ok, so i am pretty much a sucker for those eyes every second of the day.  But she is cah-ray-Z.  she has this little yip going on every once in a while.  she’s pretty vocal, that little lambiekins.  there’s more youtube videos of her here. and I’ll be adding more.  which i’m pretty sure is what some of y’all want… since when i called questions for a vlog – 95% of them were rooting for a vlog with Lola.  i am old news.  i see how it is.

{what we drank in:
prague, germany, alsace, amsterdam (but brewed in holland- apparently that’s important), dominican republic, & france

need another present for the beer loving guy in your life?  my sister and i made our own 6 pack at Total Wine yesterday.  We had so much fun looking at all the bottles.  If I wasn’t going for a different beer that we drank while in a particular place, I would have been seduced by the pretty bottles.  Cute packaging wins over taste.  a little too often for me.

i love this mask.  when i found it for $2 it was u-g-l-y, no allibi.  but metallic spray paint to the rescue!  soft pink velvet ribbon went in place of the terrible cheap purple ribbon.  but speaking of masks… I got seduced by the old Hillary Duff remake of Cinderella the other day.  I’m not quite sure how wearing a mask makes you unrecognizable, but whatever.  also that time in gossip girl when they did the masks and no one could tell that girl was being serena… huh.  there’s something called face structure? any person who knew someone would be able to know.  okay, ending this rant before i admit more embarrassing things I watch.

Happy Thursday!

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