Corey & Liz: A Love Story

Today one of my favorite bloggers is sharing her love story-
check out her wedding here !  I adore every single detail! 

… without further ado … 

Liz and Corey’s Love Story

How did the two of you meet?

My sister Cristina set us up on a semi-blind date (with Facebook and the internet, is a date really truly blind these days?!) all the way from California. We both lived in Oregon at the time. He was the perfect gentleman on our first date and he took me to a great latin restaurant in a super fancy part of downtown. I melted every time he smiled. We talked and laughed for hours. We shared our first kiss. He asked me on a second date. And the rest is history.

What is the most memorable moment of your love?

The most memorable moment of our love would most definitely be when my super practical boyfriend surprised me and showed up in Amsterdam (I was there on business) to propose!!! It was the most amazing, romantic, insane week of my life!

Three adjectives that describe your sweetheart:
Handsome, hilarious, affectionate

Three things he loves about you:

I asked him to answer this question and this is what he gave me…

I love that it makes me smile every time I hear your laugh from down the hall (we work in the same building…).

I love that you support me and encourage me.

I love you because I love coming home with you and waking up with you every day. 

Relationship tip:

Always be grateful and don’t take your love for granted. Every kiss, every hug, every time you cook dinner together… Appreciate the little things and it will just make those big amazing things that much better!

Thank you Liz for sharing your sweet love story with us!
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