Confessions of a planner: Roma

We’re going to ROMA tomorrow.  It’s a first for both of us.  Way back in the day when I lived in Italy it was not safe due to the mob- and certainly not for someone with four kids in tow.  As for JB- this may be the only place we go to that he hasn’t been.  So we’re pretty much on cloud 1000 in anticipation.

As usual i have researched like a mad woman and have everything planned … thankfully, JB loves this about me.  You really must to do this when you go to somewhere like Rome – there’s just so much to explore.  Here’s what we’d like to accomplish other than going to Sean and Anne’s wedding inside the VATICAN  (holy moly i’m excited):

1. tour the colosseum & roman forum while we’re at it.
2. Take a look at the Pantheon.
3. Eat at Cul De Sac (which friend Chris says is the Consum of Rome- but better.  we are sold.)
4. Have an Italian Beer at Baladin/Open
5. Tour the Vatican
6. Sistine Chapel
7.  Throw coin in Trevi Fountain
8. visit the spanish steps
9. Eat our weight in gelato
10. take a Scavi tour

Anything I am missing?  let me know.

… when you plan (:

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