Confessions of a Christmas Card Junkie

Last weekend when my girlfriends were in town we were chatting about Christmas cards.  Of course, I’m obsessed with them and I’m always in favor of them.  Like Kendall said “who doesn’t love getting Christmas cards” … I honestly don’t care if it is of you and your cat, or you and the wall, I’d still like one.  please and thanks.  I am so not the person that thinks it’s silly just because you don’t have kids yet, or a ring on your finger.  And I remember the first year we were married I had those puppies out the day after Thanksgiving!  Then the next year I tried to do them myself and they turned out none too cute.  Those guys didn’t make it outta the house and into anyone’s mailbox. This year being absolutely crazy town with the baby coming, I thought I’d just skip it…. I thought I could resist.  But then … did you SEE our maternity pictures?  {My girl Jessica Lorren knows how to make us look good, y’all}.  It would be a crime not to share that goodness.  So I hopped onto Minted last minute on Sunday evening and even used the tool where you upload your picture and it shows you all of your options.  It took me a while and JB periodically looked over my shoulder asking me… “hmmmm… you still haven’t chosen one”.  Patience, JB.  these things take time.  I ended up picking a Rifle looking one to no one’s surprise.  You can even have them addressed, for you!!  I mean, this is genius.  There are backer options, which I indulged in.  And Liners!  I’m telling you Minted speaks my language.  The language of  paper love which I am fluent in.

Today is the last day for free 2-day shipping! 
And you get $25 for signing up through here.  
boom. awesome.

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