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a couple of months ago I stumbled on the show “what would you do” one less than riveting Friday evening.  It places people in these situations where they are asked uncomfortable questions or they overhear things that cannot be ignored.  And then records their reaction.  You can’t help but think how would I respond?  I am a Christian and pray I would stick up for anyone being mistreated.  The only time I’ve ever watched it was when the show was filmed in Utah, in towns with a heavy Mormon population.  I was struck by how they defended the helpless.  And the way they did it too.  They didn’t turn their heads and look away, they got involved and helped.  I was impressed by their conviction.

sooo i have a confession of sorts.  i’m intrigued by mormons.  they dress cute.  and they are modest.  and they just seem cool.  way cooler than me.  yet they don’t drink wine or coffee.  i don’t know how cool i could possibly be without caffeine.   i’m always drawn to wholesomeness.  They seem committed to it.  and i like that.  i’ve actually been asked if I am a mormon quite a few times on formspring… i would think my cappuccino’s kinda gave me away…. no?  And though I try to dress modestly… sometimes I fail miserably.  You mormons make dressing modestly cool.  anyway, i’m solid in my faith, no question.  it’s not swaying.  i  just wanted to say – hi mormons.  i’m sorta obsessed with you.  anyone else?

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