come rain or shine.

The best way to describe how I felt about today was,
I didn’t want to be anywhere else.
I wouldn’t even trade it for a beach and a mojito … and it’s raining, hailing, and chilly here.
Earlier today I taught another lesson on pronunciation.
The professor who is hiring me because he can’t speak perfect english cracks me up.
Seriously if you are living in a foreign country – teach english.
You may develop the worlds best self esteem.
They both hang on every word.
I feel like a genius.
“oooo … so that’s how it is said!”
i’m all, why yes, that is how it is said.  
i know something internet.  i really do.
and that something is how to pronounce “think” and “thought”
Then I rode off on my bike and it started to pour buckets.
I stopped, had lunch and hot tea to warm up, until it passed.
then JB took me to a tea room overlooking marktplatz.
then off to the market we went.
where we found the prettiest heirloom tomatoes that will be devoured tonight (:
So it was a good day.
{sorry for the diary style post.  but I wanted to record it}
annnnd of course I took some photos!
in love with this paint job. so fun.
free zucchini … don’t mind if i do.
Hope you’re all having a sweet day, wherever you may be. 
 come rain or shine.

I’m over at Life of a Scott talking about Rome and  at gadding gal talking about the almafi coast!  
i know. i’m italy obsessed.

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