I have come down with a case of major girl crush. and chances are you will too.

So sometimes I wonder if Sophie is a real girl.
She seems to good to be true.
Just read some of the things she loves:
  • my grandma’s sponge cake, the smell of freshly ground coffee, thunderstorms, crunchy apples, the smell of rain, dreams, jimmy choo, christian louboutin, europe in the summer, europe in the winter, love song dedications, ice cream, cadbury hot chocolate, my mum, my little cousins, hotels …
She finds beauty all around her and I get the sense that she does not take any day for granted. 
annnnnnd, can we just talk about homegirls style?
It is complete and utter perfection.
Oh, and she’s pretty easy on the eyes too.   As in reallllly easy, like in a  drop dead gorg way. 
I’m convinced all “Sophies” are gorgeous, stylish women.  
Genetic superiority going on with the name there.

oh my gorgeous, right?

After seeing what Sophie wears there’s no excuse for me to dress boring this morning.
I’m filled to the brim with style inspiration.  Hope you are too!

Hope you all have a lovely wednesday!  

sophie, can i have your hair?

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