christmas in january

Sunday night I hosted a little party- it was our christmas exchange/bon voyage for cami who is headed to Sweden any day now.    For the last eight years my best friends and I have the best christmas exchange. ever!  I cannot tell you how many times I wear something and people ask “WHERE did you get that?!” … oh, the christmas exchange.  We spoil each other.  This year I got little things from almost everywhere we went this past year.  Just something here and there.  JB was so cute, always reminding me because he knows how important it is to me.  Heather was in Europe last year and did the same.  Cami was in Sweden the year before that – and you guessed it, we received swedish gems.  There is little I enjoy more than giving the perfect gift!  And these girls know me so well they always surprise me with gifts I’ll treasure for ages.  These times when we are all four together is SO special to me.  I love them so much!  my heart swells.

when they are in spanish they are even sweeter!
I got three of these at target for 2.50!  i love em.
beautiful sunset that night
don’t you love that etsy print? found here.    it was a gift from the kozeys!  
cam, h, shan, ashie, quinn
“I thank God everytime I remember you”  – Philippians 1:3

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