Choosing Joy

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One time my mom and sister were wearing maxi dresses and walked into a Forever 21.
There was a little boy there who gasped, and said “look mom!  princesses!”  
i love them, maybe just for the princess vibe they give off, and as you’ve probably begun to notice from my instagram feed – Maxi dresses are my basics.
And this pretty one is going to be on rotate in my summer wedding wardrobe.  
I wore this dress this past weekend to a benefit where my in law’s danced in a “dancing with the stars” sort of way.  They actually competed against one another!  They did such an incredible job.  
A couple of years ago my father in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  We were all heart broken.   Hopeful, but heartbroken.  But he wasn’t!  That man has an indestructible positive attitude.  
It was inspiring to watch.  I couldn’t help but be a bit confused at times…
 How can you be happy?  choose joy?  
But that’s just what he did!  chose joy.  instead of fear, anger, pity.  He held onto Hope.
What a way to live.    
On saturday he danced.  Cancer free.  
With a BIG smile on his face.
And it makes all of us smile too.  
He doesn’t just have joy, he gives it away too.  freely.  

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