Chitre, Panama

one of my favorite things about traveling in a latin country is my unlikely blue eyed, blonde haired, spanish speaking husband who happens to enjoy eavesdropping on conversations on occasion.  When I took this picture the men beside me were saying “oh yes, take that picture. looks pretty, like a beat up museum”.   I am very thankful for my translator.  He also happens to be pretty darn adorable too.
I traveled to Chitre, Panama the day after I arrived in Panama city to meet up with JB.
I hope you don’t mind a picture intense post.  oh and FYI, I am still trying to figure out my new camera.  (:
only bananas left were the ones out of reaching distance
there are loads of roadside stands selling fresh fruits and vegetables.
i enjoy the little guy on the right throwing up what appears to be a peace sign.
why yes, i do pretty much take pictures of anything turquoise.
our lunch today. which included the best sea bass ceviche ever.  all for $4.95.  
a few scenes from the game last night where JB went 3 for 5 with 2 rbi’s! 
you can watch a video of that here if you’re really into panamanean baseball.
and finally i hope to leave ya’ll with a smile.
check out that dudes outfit on the cover of the “waist trimmer” we found today.
love and blessings from Panama,

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