Chateau in Montreaux & more french swiss treats

Yesterday we headed to Chateau De Chillon, located in the french speaking part of Switzerland. This castle dates back to 1150, and has been written about by greats like Lord Byron & Henry Miller and painted by Delacroix, Victor Hugo, Rousseau,  & Courbet.  
   now my favorite castle – isn’t she everything a castle should be?

i wore my big black alsatian bow

back to traveling with my cowboy.

then we took a breathtaking boat ride and had a little french wine


we headed over to Vevey. 
where i discovered my new favorite bicycle.

Vevey has public art EVERYWHERE.
these photos do not even begin to touch the surface.  
it is so fun and charming.  

my fondue.  and my always adventurous husband ate horse. 

so happy my traveling buddy is home.  
ahhh i love him!  

Here’s another youtube video of our time in Frenchy Swiss.  

Hope y’all have a great weekend!  

We’re having some friends over for dinner … off to the market.  


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