champagne bridal brunch shower

Tried to get a quick pic to show y’all my dress, and my guys hopped in there (:  I made the mistake of not trying this dress on until ten minutes before I had to go!  it’s shoooort!  too short for comfort, but I just went with it.
And can we talk about gorgeous my sister looks?!!!   She was glowing all day!  Her future mother, sister, aunt in law hosted the sweetest shower for her. It was a champagne bridal brunch – I just love that theme!  I also  looooved the garland draped along the champagne table – which was fastened with safety pins, if you’re ever interested in re-creating it like I am.  Looking forward to two more showers, and the wedding!!!  which will be here before we know it!!

We are in Marrakech now!  I’m deliriously tired but excited at the same time – which needs its own name for such an emotion.    I’ve never been across the pond without my little guys, so this will be the furthest away I’ve been from them.  I’d be lying if I don’t have a big lump in my throat, but I know I will cherish the time with JB exploring a beautiful new-to-us city.  If you’ve been I’d love to know what you loved/where you ate/what you did (:  I’ll hopefully be able to blog a bit while I’m here!  Can’t wait to share what we discover.



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