Celebrating the best three months of my life in Leymen, France

I love celebrating … so I couldn’t help but make a big deal out of our 3 month wedding anniversary.  1/4 of a year… am I serious?  yep and also in high school apparently.  We rode the tram into France for a sweet 2.50 swiss franc.  We hiked up hill/mountain for about 5 KM to see Chateau Landskron which from what I gather was first inhabited by monks in the 1300’s, overtaken by german pirated kind of men and then finally the french took their claim.  It was a great experience but also creepy since: 1. we were the only ones there  2. we climbed the chateau to the top where we passed jail cells 3. a plaque said a man from new orleans died there.  help.  Then we went to have lunch (my favorite to date) and the waiter knew absolutely no english or german or spanish.  just french.  Luckily we figured out what a few things meant and of course he knew what Pinot Noir was.  Thank goodness.  if you are ever in Leymen, France we highly recommend La Couronne D’or.  It was a sweet little day trip from Basel land.

Check out more pictures here.  

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