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    two story family room: what would I do

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    A sweet reader wrote in asking what I would do with a two story family room.  They totally transformed this space already, but she feels stumped on what to do next.  I thought it would be a fun challenge!  Especially since what I’m working with at our house is totally different … high ceilings for an almost 100 year old house, but hardly high by today’s standards!  She says she is craving coziness.  Her style is “class, timeless, fresh, and a bit preppy”.  Here are some photos of the space.  I love how beautiful and open the space is.  I also love how it opens up to the kitchen and they have that bar there.  They have three and five year old boys, so I’ll keep that in mind.  They have the vintage whiskey sofa from RH (perfect for family days!).  She (her name is also sarah!) needs more seating, an ottoman, wall decor, and a coffee table.


    Interiors by Kathy Rollins {please pin from original source}

    My first thought was to add some drapery, and maybe a fun acrylic option.  To keep cost down, you could have it just go for the first part of the doors, instead of all the way from the top.  I think that would add a nice frame too.  Something simple, even in just a plain white.  I buy most of our curtains from IKEA – in the linen blend.  I think having a nice bamboo or acrylic rod would be a fun medium to work within the rest of the room.   

    I’d offer some of these little tables that fold in for drinks, etc.  You could put one on either side.  Another idea would be to put the antique table to the right flush against the wall (if it wouldn’t interfere with drapes), move the sofa to the left a bit, and put another basket with blankets in it too.  Or a basket/belly basket to hold some toys.  I thought you could also do some botanical prints, wallpaper you love, a beautiful calendar (just cut off the month) family photos (I’d keep them all in same hues – like black and white, or all at the beach), some chinoiserie prints you could get off etsy, Audobon bird reproductions, or something nautical if that’s something special to your family.  Or a big piece like you have planned here would work well too!  But the brass could also compliment the little tables that hug the couch.  Another idea could be a pretty classic mirror.

    Since you have such nice light it would be fun to frame the door with some pots with some plants with height.  I know fiddle leaf fig trees are “out” but I’ll always have them in my house.  I love the height they add, and greenery is always a good idea.  I also put this tufted ottoman gray whale home makes – they could create it in another color.  It’s a cheaper option than the RH ottoman – which is what Anne of Scotch House Designs has (also with 3 and 5 year old boys) and recommends!  So if your budget allows, that would work great here.  And be added seating for littles.  Here are some other seating options if you think the gingham is too much!  I love to mix patterns, but that may be a bit much.


    Both of the spindle ones would compliment the couch with their spindles, but also add in something lighter with the fabric.  The one on the right, and the settee below is in a performance fabric.  Which would work in a home with young kids.  The other one is from Ballard, and I just love the shape of it.  It also comes in other colors, and different performance fabric.

    On the other side it may be nice to have a bookshelf.  And add a mirror over the top of it to add some height in a tall room.  I think lighting is HUGE… so if you can live without the fan, that is something to consider.  Something similar to this, would be beautiful.  Though you’d need something that wouldn’t be tiny in the room, and I’m not sure this is it.  Circa Lighting is a good place to look and RH too.  Local light stores are very helpful too as you can get a real sense of the size.

    Sorry for my absolute terrible photoshop skills!  What would you add?  If you have a two story family room, what helps make it feel cozy for you?

    If you need professional help, I’d definitely contact Anne… I’m surely her most annoying friend, asking way too many questions about spaces in our home.  Even if you love this stuff (like me, most of the time), it is so nice to have someone take a look and see what needs to go, stay, move… to work for your life, right now.

    If this was fun, and you’d like me to look at a space of yours … send it on over (:





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