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    Suzuki Method

     Tuck had his recital yesterday for Suzuki, and a couple people asked me about it over messenger on instastories.  PS:  I love instastories for giving me the opportunity to connect with so many of you.  I hesitate to even write this post, because I really have such a rudimentary knowledge of music, much less of violin.  But here it goes.  Suzuki is a method of teaching violin to young children.  It starts out super slow, with just learning rhythms, then songs, then practicing with the bow with songs and games, plucking the violin, then slowly playing the violin with rhythms.  I mostly did Suzuki because it was my moms dream.  lol.  not kidding.  My mom actually is a very talented flutist and she adores music.  I remember when tuck wasn’t even born and she was like – one day I will take him to suzuki class.  and me being like, huh?!?!  Then the stars aligned and they offered it as an after school activity at Tucks school.  I tried to sign up my mom in my place, but they wanted me to do it.  Because there is a ton of parent involvement with suzuki, even after class is done, it’s strongly encouraged one parent do it.  It’s twice a week – one group lesson and one private.  The parent has to learn all the child is learning too, so they can practice during the week. I can say I’m still intimidated.  Tuck is not at all.  I was always a good student, but never had much confidence with art or music.  It’s surprisingly been fun working on it all with him.  And it’s nice to have something to do together that is just with him.  I feel like the benefits of suzuki are much more than just learning music.  It is teaching him confidence –  I can’t believe a four year old can get up in front of a crowded room and perform.  It has taught him dedication and structure.  One of the biggest things it’s taught him is focus.  His ability to focus has improved so much, thanks to our teacher.  The teacher is phenomenal – I really cannot say enough about all of the tools she uses to motivate her students.  And how she tends to each of their unique needs and learning styles.  So basically, I’m a suzuki convert.  If you think it’s something your child may benefit from, I’d recommend looking into it. 
    {tuck is in janie and jack (i wish they still had this white jacket in stock) c/o // TBBC bowtie // Camilyn Beth gogo dress – a gift from cami last christmas // st armands designs earrings c/o //glasses are sold out karen walker “starburst” but here’s some near idential ones on amazon}

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