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    A couple weeks ago I had my nails and eyebrows done.  Which is a shock in and of itself lately.  First I had my eyebrows done, and the lady told me my eye brows are “too thin”.  Nothing new to me, just what God gave me.  I sat down to get a pedicure.  Another lady tells me, almost immediately my legs are “too skinny”.  Not even five minutes apart.  I am  sure neither of them were trying to make me feel bad about myself.  But I had to wonder how many times people shout out “too ____” at all of us.  Or how often we tell ourselves that!  When we’re all enough, as we are.  You’re enough, I’m enough.  even my boney legs that I walked in there on are enough.   (:

  • seven

    photo by ryan ray

    {photo by ryan ray} JB and I have been together for nine and a half years, married for seven today….

  • January Goals

    january goals

    January is dear to me.  I so love the fresh start.  It’s crazy how much clutter Christmas adds to your home….

  • my ninny

    Sorry it’s been quiet here!  I promised fun content, and it’s been crickets. With good reason, as my Ninny went…

  • Fresh start for 2017

    fresh start for 2017

    I am so appreciative of all of you who took the survey! I’ve been blogging for what will be seven…