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    {photos courtesy of NEST real estate photography}I can’t wait to share with you all my talented friends business today.  Anne runs Scotch House Interiors.  She designs beautiful interiors, creates gorgeous art, and also stages homes to sell.  I die for the before and after’s!  She’s also a professional organizer – I really wish she was close by!!  I need help.  But you ladies in Dallas are the lucky ones! One fun fact is our husbands were both each other’s best man!  Anne has always had impeccable style and taste, and I have loved watching her business grow.  She is so good at what she does!

    Here’s a look inside her stylish Dallas home, and other home projects.  Plus a fun q&a.

    Scotch House Interiors Name: Anne Nowak

    Profession: Designer

    City/State: Dallas, TX

    How would you describe your aesthetic?

    New traditional.  I love good solid tradition but can’t resist clean lines, modern elements and contemporary art. A lot of my bigger investment pieces and basics are traditional like our formal dining table and chairs, wing backs, a leather sofa, a tufted ottoman, etc. but I mix it up with things like a white, midcentury tulip table in my kitchen, modern and pagoda style accent tables in my living room and layer in contemporary elements like lighting, art. Metallic, natural, glass and acrylic accents are complimentary to any style and I find they add interest and keep my heavier traditional pieces fresh.  I love a good juxtaposition.

    scotch house interiors

    Where do you find inspiration?

    I love pinterest and instagram, of course but am a sucker for home magazines and catalogs.  There is something to be said for curling up and flipping through magazines.  I keep a few in my car to skim in pick up lines or while my boys play at the playground. There are saved magazines from 25 years ago at my grandparents’ house that are still dog-eared. I love that. I find such significance in seeing how different layouts work and how other designer’s uses various elements to complete a look. I’m always drawn to and inspired by natural light and brightness, art, texture and sensation.

    What does a normal work day look like for you?

    My husband starts his day super early and is usually out the door before 7.  I usually get up when he does and work on anything outstanding on the computer before the sun even comes up.  I love that first, quiet, cup of coffee and sense of productivity that stolen hour gives me. I try to schedule meetings right after I drop my boys off at preschool but if I don’t have any I’ll end up right back at my desk after the boys are scooted off to school. There are a lot of clients though who can’t meet during weekdays so when needed, my husband picks up the slack on Saturdays with our boys.  I don’t really have a set “schedule” so I struggle occasionally with time management or feeling like I’m always “on” but I’m working on that! The Pomodoro technique has done wonders for me.

    scotch house interiorsRole Model:  

    My grandparents. I know, super sappy but they are a true inspiration and strong example. In the late 60’s they immigrated to Canada from Italy with their young family and started a business.  Anytime I feel discouraged after starting this humble little design company I think- if they could do it, I, with every advantage they didn’t have at my fingertips, including language, certainly can too. My Nonno passed his talent and passion for design and craftsmanship onto my dad who also designs furniture and cabinetry for a living still. I definitely learned from them and will always be in awe of what my grandparents and parents were able to accomplish with such humble beginnings. 

    Dream vacation:

    On a beach anywhere in Florida, the Caribbean or Mexico


    What’s your favorite spot in your own home, and why?

    A cozy, bay window reading nook.  Just a step away from our breakfast table, this spot is right between our kitchen and family room. I love having morning coffee, catching up with my husband or a girlfriend and just reading books to my boys in our comfy oversized chairs.  I found a perfect table on craigslist and even set up my laptop here occasionally. We live on a creek and the bay windows have a perfect view of it and our back yard making it such a peaceful place to sit and listen to the birds or watch my boys play.

    Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? 

    Windows have always been an area that I love saving on.  Window treatments can be such a large investment.  The quality of custom drapery and style of high-end fabrics are unmatched, but I’ve noticed when people are in your space they very rarely touch or frankly, notice, window treatments.  Instead, they sit on your sofas and chairs, their toes feel your rug, they lean into your pillows and throws…these sensory aspects of design are where I like to splurge because I think they are meaningful and will associate your space with comfort and luxury.  It’s still important to have window treatments for function and aesthetics but achieving the look for less has never been easier. My favorite trick to elevate the look of budget window treatments is to add trim and rings.  These simple details make ready made panels and hardware look polished, high quality and finished. You can order beautiful trim fabric and have it sewn on to your ready-made panels at the drycleaner! I love Restoration Hardware and West Elm for ready-made panels and hardware, Etsy for customized draperies and fabrics and have even found amazing bamboo shades on Amazon! I also feel like window treatments should compliment a room and its window view, not stand out on their own. This design direction has always allowed me to keep it simple with windows keeping costs down. Additionally, if you ever move, window treatments are typically something included in the sale of a home. Another reason to save here!  Art is another area I have loved the challenge of saving on.  I found myself longing for certain pieces but with professional fine art being totally out of reach for me I decided to create my own.  I also started framing fabric.  These tricks allowed me to finally get the large-scale art I was after with in my budget. And so, The Scotch Curator, a small division of my company was born. I now stage homes using and sell my own original art at affordable prices.

    scotch house interiors Favorite home decor stores? 

    Wisteria is my favorite home store.  There is nothing in their inventory I don’t lust after!  I also love Serena and Lily, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Restoration Hardware, Ballard designs, Arhaus, Crate and barrel, CB2 and West Elm.  I love the level of style these companies have brought to consumers and made achievable for relatively reasonable investments. 


    scotch house interiorsI love seeing your before and afters of home staging for a house to sell.  What are some tips you have if someone is trying to sell their home?

    Don’t underestimate the power of paint, de-cluttering and depersonalizing.  Personal photos, collections, nick-knacks, clutter of all types and bold color choices alienate potential buyers and immediately create subconscious barriers preventing them from visualizing themselves in your home. Hiring a real estate team who values the impact design has on the sale of a home also helps because they will likely cover the cost of a staging consultation for you which gives you the specific tools you need to make your home appeal to buyers. Home Staging is more of a marketing strategy than it is “design recommendations” and what works to dwell, doesn’t always work to sell. Neutral colors, non-distracting atmospheres, welcoming vignettes and furniture arrangements can immediately impact and relax a buyer.  Focus on main areas, master bedrooms and all closets when prepping your home for sale.  Updating paint is one of the most highly resisted, yet beneficial things sellers can do to update a home and always recoups the investment! Don’t get caught up on selecting different colors for different rooms, paint the whole house one light and neutral color.  It will give an illusion of space and cohesiveness while feeling new, fresh and updated. 

    scotch house interiors

    Favorite moment as a business owner:

    When I made my first company donation to Grief Works, a charity close to my heart.  A percentage of all art sales and design services at Scotch House Interiors are donated to this wonderful charity and directly help bereaved children in DFW create new beginnings. 

    Thank you Anne for sharing your insights and beautiful home with all of us!

    Follow Scotch House Interiors over on – instagram // facebook // website // or email her at

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