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    Legoland Florida with Toddlers

    We had so much fun yesterday at Legoland with our friends Jordan and Covington.   It was our first trip to Legoland, so I don’t have many tips.  But if your little one loves Legos they will loooooove legoland.  Tuck loves legos – I hear “where’s my guy?” approximately 1290812 a day.  Wes loves them by default and also asks where his (lego) guy is almost as much.  So I figured this would be a good age to take them to Legoland.   I thought that in August it would be super crowded, but it wasn’t.  Which was a nice surprise.  It was HOT.  August in Florida is no joke, so if you can swing it, I’d come down here in another month.  Annnnny other month!  But we made it through – with about a gallon of water each.  It’s also huge.  I was shocked at how big Legoland is… it goes on and on.  So many rides!  so little time until naptime.  (:  We didn’t make it to the waterpark – but we can’t wait to come back and do that one day.  There’s also a lot to do from babies to big kids.  There’s a really nice baby care center in the indoor play area in Duplo village, and family restrooms are found at every bathroom.  One day I’ll have more tips for you,  but feel like we barely scratched the surface!  If your kid loves legos, I think it’s definitely worth the drive over.   The drive is even more fun with a friend.  We died listening to the kids band in the back — “the harry potters”.


    ps:  Weird/fun fact –  I really love building legos with the boys.  Not so much the aftermath of when they inevitably break, but find it fun to put them together with them.  So maybe this trip was a little for me too (;

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