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    St. Augustine in 24 hours

    casa monica hotel st augustine

    Monday, Tuck and I rode up to St. Augustine for a photo shoot for Fall 2017 with one of our favorite companies — Bella Bliss.  I missed this place so much.  I actually went to Flagler College, which is across from the Casa Monica (where we stayed!).  I couldn’t believe all that had changed in the last decade.  Decade!!  Seriously, I am getting up there in age (:  It really is a special place with so much character, charm, and good food.  We had fun exploring and of course working with Bella Bliss, which made work feel like anything but that.  Even for kids!  Rype and Readi

    I wish we had a Rype & Readi here in town.  They have fresh organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, eggs, local products and live animals to pet outback.  We loved it!

    crave was so good!  I actually went back twice (in 24 hours no less) for a funky monkey and another harvest wrap.  Super fresh and delicious.

    We walked down St George Street and ended at the fort.  The boys could have played for hours in the dirt there with their trucks.

    The casa monica was so beautiful and the service was excellent.  The boys loved swimming!

    After the first photo session we went to the Alligator farm.  I’m a florida girl so I am used to Alligators, but I still can’t believe how many there are there.

    wearing this shirt from zara

    the ice plant!  it was nuts!  I really can’t get over how beautifully it was restored and what a great concept it all is.  This photo does it ZERO justice.  the inside is GORGEOUS.

    it was such a treat to have some alone time with just tuck, one of his best friends (and mine!), and to share my alma mater with them.  It’s been too long St Augustine!!

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