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    Cleaning out the boys closets with Shop Bagsy


    Since kids grow up (even though I’m not 100% on board with that) the boys are constantly outgrowing something.  I feel like I’m doing that shuffle between closets – okay tuck is too tall for this, and on it goes to wesley’s closet.  Okay this no longer works for Wes, here it goes to heathers little boy.  I save 90% of it all (because who knows if i’ll have another), but the few things that I don’t think will work for wesley or heathers baby boy grady due to different seasons, I send onto Shop Bagsy.  I have loved shopping there since discovering it, maybe two years ago?  I tried consigning with another company online, and it felt like their margin of profit was truly insane.  Did I really just get $2 for $150 pants?!  But I have LOVED consigning with Shop Bagsy (referral link!) .  They will send you a bag free of charge, and you can check if you’d like it returned or if you’d like it donated if not accepted.  You get half of whatever they make off of it.  Which I think is pretty great considering I didn’t have to do anything but send it over on their dime and drop it all in a mailbox.  You can cash out and get $ to your paypal, or you can get credit.  I love shopping there.  I find beautiful pieces I couldn’t find in my own town here for .  A handsome liberty printed bowtie!  Something sweetly smocked.  SHOES!  I have scored huge on shoes there.  They tell you if it’s new, or where the flaws  — the descriptions are always spot on.  It comes wrapped in tissue paper and in good condition.  I’ve never been disappointed.

    This little masters top caught my eye on my little golfer.  It actually happened to be one of my friends shirts.  When I posted this picture she said that’s walkers!  is it a 4t?

    From a few years ago at our easter egg hunt.  This alice kathleen was adorable, and after Easter was over, I sent it right back to consign.

    I’ve found so many little peter pan shirts for the boys there.

    he wanted a picture with Chase. (:  this little corduroy smocked set with the nativity was perfect for church in December.

    We did get these shoes on Bagsy!  But we didn’t get the sweet heirloom button on there.  Though I am sending it over.  So one of y’all might!  It’s from Caroline Bradlee of the childrens cottage in Mobile. They were SO gorgeous on the boys, but one of those special occasion items where I’m not sure when we’d get to wear it again due to seasons and would be happy knowing it’s getting some use at another wedding or baptism, etc.

    I’m sure lots of you are purging your hearts out right about now … the bug couldn’t have hit just me.  So I wanted to get Shop Bagsy on your radar for easy kids clothes purging (: And if you found something you love you can get 15% off with code SARAHTUCKER

    Happy Purging!

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