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    Hunsader Farms

    We had a great fall weekend!  The weather was the best– I couldn’t get over it.  It felt like fall here in Florida, which is saying something!  We usually don’t get this sort of weather until November.

    fireplace pumpkin fireplace pumpkin fireplace pumpkin fireplace pumpkinI mean!!!  every heart eye out there.  The rest of the pictures were taken out at Hunsader farms.  If you are local, I suggest going as early as possible as this gets incredibly crowded. kids were much too busy having fun to smile for pics. hahahunsaders farm

    hunsader farmshunsader farms

    hunsader farms

    hunsaders farm

    forcing them to be in pics yet again — wearing jcrew pants // this who what wear target shirt // and this is a cape my sister gave me last year for Christmas from Nordstrom but j.crew has a similar one // sunglasses are Victoria Beckham but through Ditto (you can get a free month with code SARAHTUCKER) — tuck is in a barbour vest // bella bliss shirt  — wes is in a TBBC bubble, was in a jacket but wanted it off, and shoes are janie and jack hand me downs from his brother

    hunsaders farm hunsaders farm hunsader farms

    Tuck fed horses, lambs, bunnies, goats, a camel, a deer, and a pig.

    they had the coolest set up here called The Dino Dig. It’s a traveling dig with a ton of dinosaurs to play on.  They are based out of Orlando but if they were closer I’d seriously consider for a birthday party.   JB wore gingham not even realizing that both Tuck and I were (:  corn mazehunsader farmsIt was such a beautiful day, I’m so glad we drove out into the toolies to visit the farm.

    and a couple more favorites from this weekend on my phone …

    I got my hair cut and a new curling iron …. I’ve got a ways to go to before I figure it out! // Tuck ran his first race at the Ghost Run downtown!  It was so cute.  While Ava and Wes chilled in the stroller //   Shannon and I had a yummy lunch at Brio — there was some sort of “creme brulee cheese happening and it was amazing// We had a great morning at The Childrens Museum in St Pete

    Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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