Castle Hunting in Switzerland

{h&m dress, macco wedges, necklace from In Honor of Design,  h&m kids glitter belt, friendship bracelet from Megan}

This weekend we did some castle hunting in Thun, Switzerland.  It’s about an hour and a half from Basel and worth the little drive.  This is a little drive for us Americans but a long one for the Swiss.  They are astonished by our time spent in cars.  All are mortified to hear about JB’s minor league baseball road trips that lasted 10 + hours.  multiple times a week.  yikes.  
 Thun has a gorgeous turquoise lake, authentic swiss architecture, and the town is dotted with fairy tale castles.  
 I require little more in life.  

{me off egmont key in Florida on fourth of july circa 2006}

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