a case of TMI; and Ole Miss

So here is the deal y’all.  I so intended on taking lots of pictures while in Oxford but a dreadful visit from you know who hit.  And the kicker is it was during my test.  I felt like a bunch of tiny small humans were beating my stomach up.  For all my friends that know me in real life, I was thinking and wanting to say aloud “ouch my tilted uterus”{said more like oooouch. my tiiiiiiiilted uuuuuuuterusssss}… Not the most pleasant thing to happen while you need to concentrate on a very important exam.  So after the test, I went to lunch at Bottletree, then crash landed in my bed where I ate junk and passed the heck on out.  I should of known she was about to hit … a few days before I started crying over a rap song.  I was in my car, completely moved by a rap song to the point of tears.  Not my proudest PMS moment, but certainly not my worst.  Anyway, the pictures aren’t great.  I really wanted everyone to look at Oxford and think “what an adorable little town, I want to visit” … but you may just think its filled with donkeys and random fields with tubs.  My apologies.  
*In consolation, here’s a post I did a while back on where I spent my grad school years.*  
{william faulkners abode}
*in between oxford & memphis – a field filled with bath tubs??  something about it is so distinctly southern*
*went to see my cute little sister dance at derby days … a tradition that makes my undergrad experience feel kinda boring (: *
Now I’m back home with Lucille, my guard dog I stole from my parents. 
She’s keeping me company these days (:
Today marks one month until JB & I reunite in Switzerland!  
Also marks the first time I slept past 10 in a very.very.long time.  
Hope you all have as restful of a Sunday as I am

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