Cami and Christian: The wedding.

I realize I can be a little nauseating with my true love speeches but when you know that one of your best friends truly discovers just that – it warms your heart.  to say the least.  I think webster’s dictionary would be wise to change the definitions of lovely, glowing, beautiful, creative, inspiring,  – to Camilyn Beth.  You will see why …
picture courtesy of Christian’s brother – John.  allll smiles!

Definition of lovely:  Camilyn

cami gifted us vintage hankies, a hand made hair pin attached with beautiful swedish feathers and vintage button.  I wore it in my hair for the wedding.
Definition of Creative: Camilyn
Definition of beautiful: Camilyn
Definition of Glowing: Camilyn
Creative once again!
Did I mention she MADE her wedding dress out of french lace. hold onto your hats ladies.
gorgeous Cami, her sweet mom jodi, and adorable sister ashten
the trifecta of sweetness

what a color palette!

she created her invitation suite and her programs. adddoooorable!

trailing behind the limo

riding on the pontoon to the reception.  so much fun!


gifts and card box! 

my texas hair (:
sister, mom, & myself

I feel so honored to have been a part of Cami and Christian’s wedding and so blessed to have their friendship.   I love you two more than words.  Have fun in Jamaica.
Do you have any tips for the bride and groom?  
post in the comment form for them.  pleeease pretty please.  


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