C&C’s Lake Como Wedding

The day we first flew over to Basel in 2010 I was seriously bummed.
My heart is always hanging out on my sleeve and I kept switching from tears to puppy dog eyes.
  I’m absolutely terrible with changes, I want to hold onto every stage in life and need someone to gently tell me that what is ahead could be even better.  
 Everyone remembers how sad I was.  JB and I laugh about that a lot now.  We were eating with my in-laws at the airport just before we took off, and my mother in law kept reassuring me that we’re going on a great adventure, that I was going to love it … But at that moment I wasn’t buying it.
I remember her telling me vividly 
“you’re going to make great friends … ones you will have all of your life”
i probably looked at her as if she had three eyes. 
{sorry diane!}
But she was right!
I was in a state of perpetual happy tears this weekend as I watched our two friends pledge forever to one another.
We both feel incredibly blessed that we were able to get to know them well while over here.
 { annnnd chris and crissy – we’re friends for life.  you can’t get rid of us. we willlll find youuuu. (:   }

anyway, the wedding!
holy smokes folks.
the beautiful bride, handsome groom, that dress, lake como, the toasts, italian food –
 it was absolutely LOVELY.
 and so much fun.  of course, because everything with them is fun!

{they exited the ceremony to the glee version of “don’t stop believing”}
{cocktail hour included so many delicious treats… my fave – an entire wheel of parm}
{the tables had grapes, wild flowers, baguettes, butterflies, and a bottle of limoncello for the guests}
{cuban cigars & an olive tree with butterfly wishes from the guests}
Do you see why I want to pinch myself?
too good to be true, right?
Congrats C&C – we love y’all!  
the tuck-tucks
location- villa capressi; planner – allesandra fabi; photographers-will find out – they were incredible!;
dress is anna maier ulla-maija “bianca

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