The Bride’s Brunch: A Jessica Lorren Photography production

So now that you’ve been introduced to some of the privileged characters in the last few posts
(emily, jessica, kate, sarah)
(P.C. = privileged characters = that’s what my little mississippi momma says. 
just teaching you southern, that’s all. )
You can enjoy this post even more.  Now that you know the P.C.’s .
I know I’ve shouted from the rooftops about how much Jessica Lorren is the best thing to ever happen to wedding photography.  
But can I pleeeeease do it one more time?  
or let’s just be honest here, this isn’t going to be the last time.  not hardly. 
She hosted a Bride’s Brunch
For her brides past and present.  
What wedding photographer does that?
It was delightful in every single way.
photo via em=me
{F21 scalloped skirt, anthro necklace, banana tank, stuart wietzman nude pumps, collected bangles, glasses- warby parker}
HVH – the hand/ring model.  
yep, the sandwiches are in the shape of whales and fishies. yummy and cute.
best photographer in the world.  jessica lorren.
awww look it’s airforce barbie.
and i quote “I could have gotten my wings instead of coming down here” …- emily
who arrrrre you?  
kate’s granola will ruin all other granola for you.  it just won’t compare.
if you’re engaged, look no further.  go here right this second and book while you can.  
Today was far less glamorous than this Sundays brides brunch.  
i sauteed squash and carrots with my kiddos.  

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