blogging tips

i regress to day 2 of the challenge.  but i’m blogging everyday since I’ve started.  by gosh i am!

us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach
you’d like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)”

My very own blogging tips!
#1.  Have a voice.  You know how you talk?  You should probably write like that.  If people read an excerpt of your blog -would they know it’s yours? 
#2.   Get to know other bloggers.  comment.  introduce yourself via email.  back when i started, and now, if i discover someone i admire, would like to get to know, etc.  i reach out to them.  i let them know how their words are inspiring/encouraging/_____.
#3.  People are just people, they shouldn’t make you nervous.  This just sort of reinforces #2.
#4.  Very seldom I’ll get an email from someone saying “can I guest post for you?!  I love your blog” … usually in these emails, it’s very generic … sometimes my name isn’t even after “Hello”.  Don’t go this route.  I mean, I’m sure some blogger gained a following somewhere by doing this.  But, just, no.
#5.  I don’t read many blogs anymore.  But unlike when I first started blogging,  I have to be very mindful of my time now.  But if you’re just starting out …  Read blogs, comment thoughtfully.  repeat.
#6.  People say it all the time.  Because it’s true.  Be Authentic.  People can smell phony a mile a way.
#7.  People say this too. But it’s true.  Be vulnerable.  Vulnerability feels like nails on a chalkboard coming out … but it’s real.  and you’re likely helping someone out there when you do.  So I say it is a blogging DO.  But I also don’t think it should be for attention. 
#8.  Aside from when I was miserable and pregnant, I blogged pretty consistently.  be consistent
#9.  Take your own photos as much as you can!

Hope that was semi helpful (: 

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