**this is a work in progress**  please feel free to email me at sgmtucker@gmail.com if you have a question I haven’t covered below.  Or just to say hi (:What kind of Camera do you use?
Canon 60d and I mostly use this 50mm lens.  I definitely do not consider myself a professional photographer, and any luck I have had with it is just that: luck.  and a decent eye.  I still do sell my travel photos here if you’re looking!

How did y’all get to live in Europe?  The day after we got engaged we were having dinner when JB asked if I’d like to live in Europe once we were married.  I couldn’t get “yes” out fast enough.  Figuring his run with pro baseball in the states was on its way out the door, and wanting baseball to still take us places – JB put his resume on a baseball website and got a couple different bites from various teams – from Germany to Italy.  But we wound up with Switzerland as the pay was the best, and we were centrally located.  One of the best decisions we’ve ever made!  But I realize this is not the most helpful if you’re looking to live and work in Europe.  Some other great resources for living abroad and a little more conventional than ours:  Aspiring Kennedy – La Mia Vita – Explore Dream Discover –  Megan K Graham

Where did you stay in Europe?  A post on that is right here.

To be continued…