Birthday Breakfast with Liberte

that mug may be real real weird if you don’t watch arrested development.  i had to get him that plus a card for his birthday from this hilarious store!
My mom was/is amazing with birthdays.  So I try to keep up because I know how special she’s made me feel over the years.  
Breakfast in bed is generally a must!
I’ve been buying Liberte yogurts to have at night before I head to bed with this pregnancy.  They remind me of the yogurts I used to buy in Switzerland – sooooo creamy and decadent.  I’m always all – wait, what?  this is yogurt?!  
JB tried his first one this morning – the cappucino one, of course.  Verdict?  Loved it.
I also made him a pretty yummy frittata.  I’ve been making what I call kitchen sink frittata’s since we started dating.  If I’ve got eggs I see what else is in there.
Today I sauteed a couple handfuls of kale with olive oil, salt, pepper, onions, and garlic in our iron skillet (a wedding present that we both love and use all of the time!)
I whisked 5 eggs, a 1/2 a cup of heavy cream (it’s his birthday!!), a little more salt and pepper.  
Italian grated cheese to taste- which means a lot
poured that mixture in and fanned some asparagus around. 
Popped that baby in 325F and it came out so yummy Tuck could not resist after 30 minutes!
Tuck also had a Liberte inspired smoothie:
1 Liberte Coconut cup – which I love because it’s not low fat!  full fat all the way for me and tuckito!

1 cup of milk
one banana
 1 flax seed pack – I have these in my purse and sprinkle them on/in all types of things
two spoon fulls of coconut manna – yummmm!
1 spoonfull of justin’s almond butter because neither tuck or i can resist dipping into that cookie jar.
blended and voila!
My favorite of Liberte is the caramel and french vanilla.  You can grab a coupon here and pick some up at your Publix.  Thanks to Liberte for sponsoring this post and y’all for supporting my blog!

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