a bike ride through three countries

The weather has been a treat lately, hence all the biking.
The best thing about basel is all the treats on every corner.  
I love the way they mix the old with the new architecture and there is art everywhere.
The second best thing is how you can bike through three countries in one day, like today.  
This is the garden of a hospital in Basel
I think anyone would recover more quickly if they were surrounded by roses and statues. don’t you?
starting to turn! i’m so excited
in love bicycles
JB biking over the german bridge into France
sn’t that a great way to spruce up a construction site?

this is a railing. made from bikes, wagons and old vespas.  
basel has its treats.  
this is the spot where all three come together: germany, france, and switzerland 
Hope you all are having a great wednesday!
We’re headed to Titisee (stop smirking) tomorrow and i can’t wait.

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