This stuff!  Because skin in your thirties is a whole new ball game!  
I have special skin.  By special I mean I stillllll break out on occassion!  How pray tell can you combat pimples AND work on anti aging?  Enter Maracuja oil.  It combats inflammation, moisturizes, and fights wrinkles.  The key ingredient here is the high amount of linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid that the body doesn’t naturally produce).  This kind of EFA (essential fatty acid) rebuilds and repairs, soothes and heals redness, reduces lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture, and boosts collagen production thanks to the vitamin C.   So basically, it’s a super star!  I only use a few drops and right before bed, so it’s lasted me for.ever.  It has visibly improved my skin – I sound like an infomerical but this aint no joke!  I first used a sample of it from Tarte but couldn’t bring myself to buy the $47 bottle – enter this for half the price, and just as good.  Oh and it’s organic, unrefined, handpressed, and bottled without the use of heat to guarantee the max amount of EFA’s and vitamins.  I’m sold (:

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