best friends wedding

my best friends wedding is coming up in October!!
That gorgeous mansion on sarasota bay (above) is where the event will take place.  
…i know, i know you are swooooooning!
She’s so organized that she’s given us a color board and inspiration to pick our bridesmaid dresses from.
what’s the opposite of bridezilla?   there needs to be a word for that.  ok, maybe heather ( ;
{1, 2}
these two are the front runners at the moment.  
i am tall and normally i don’t shy away from short – it’s just a fact of life with these lengthy boney legs o’mine.
but for a wedding?  my best friends?  
i don’t want to look like a hooooochie mama.  
not that anyone will be looking my way mind you.
homegirls a stunna.
Soooo here’s my predicament.  
I can’t find any mustard dresses, not the right shade anyway.    
Favor: if you don’t mind, keep your eyes peeled for me.
You could leave me dress links in the comment form if you feel so obliged.
i’d be pleased as punch.
and now … off to Tuscany!
just discovered
and made my little site
– and got free QR code cards
just have to pay $5 for shipping.

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