a beginners tutorial

it would appear i have something to teach you.
unless it is just one formspringer asking the same question.  in this case, this whole post is for you.
Here’s my how-to on putting watercolor images on your blog … or really any image.
this is something I did not understand how to do but then it dawned on me one afternoon.
soooo what will you need?
watercolor paper

a scanner
photoshop elements (cheap photoshop- good for beginners like me)
First things first, get your watercolor on girl.
I’d also say you need to do it a little thicker than you normally would – so it shows well when it scans.
scan that baby into your computer.
open the image.
drop in photoshop.
There are a couple things to do.
you can crop your image. 
so with this image, it is just cropped. 
 if i put it on top of an image in photoshop it will still have a white background.  this can work well if it’s just a collage.  
but if you wanted to overlap it on top of an image you need the magic wand.
  it’s the tool that not surprisingly looks like a magic wand.
that’ll take the white background away.  after you press enter and move it off the grid.
you also have to magic wand inside the o’s and e’s – wherever there is white space.  
i did that with this image.
so this one could be dropped over an image.
like this!
ok, did i just confuse you?
i hope not too badly.
ask questions in the comments, and i’ll answer as best as i can.
or if you are a designer and would like to set me straight – tell us easier ways, by all means…
oh, and i love you too
ps: over on simply southern today.  talking about my fear of being taken…

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