baby giggles

taken a few weeks ago* not this morning
this morning, when the dew was still wet on the lawn, I took lola out.  it was the prettiest morning.  
one that just calls for you to sip your coffee on the porch and breath in deeply.
the great big oak trees overlooking the bayou had peeks of sunshine pouring through.  it hadn’t gotten too hot.  august is when we’re typically into the dog days around here. 
and then because that kind of morning can’t go to waste … no sir-eeee.  i promptly stripped tuck of his diapers and let him skinny dip in the pool. 
i had slept in a soft cover up from a hundred years ago, and sort of felt like, why not? 
i tip toed all the way in there myself.  I dunked my head under.  
lola hates the water.  but because i’m holding her baby she followed us all over the pool, just at the edge.  she barked. probably telling me to be real real careful with her baby.  
tuck found this hilarious, and the baby giggles began.  and didn’t stop! 
the baby giggles drew my neighbor to us.  and that’s when i felt a little silly because I surely looked like I was wearing a dress in the water.  but she said she couldn’t help herself.  she explained she had been having a particularly rough morning, and this was all she needed to set it right again.  baby giggles are the best, most beautiful sound.  the verbal voice of God telling me to:  take notice child, there’s lots of joy to be had today. 
wishing you a very joyful weekend!!

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