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    I wasn’t sure what to say after Parkland…I didn’t want to add to the noise.  But it what crushing, heartbreaking, chilling news …  No parent should have to send their child off to school and have them not come home that day.  I am so so sorry to everyone in Parkland.  Parkland is three hours from us, and probably a community similar to ours.  It can happen anywhere, and it shouldn’t.  Public or private, inner city or not… I can’t believe this happened in America.

    I thought this piece by Brene Brown articulated how I feel, growing up in the home I did.  I so desperately am for reform, and extremely strict laws.  Honestly I wish we lived in a world with no guns, but I also know that responsible gun ownership exists.  I’ve seen that.

    These sorts of things always make me feel powerless.  What can I do?  I think voting certain people out of office, is imperative to bring about the kind of change and reform.

    I also believe there’s things we can do right now.

    1.  Text or call a friend of yours that’s a teacher.  Right now.  Let them know you’re thinking of them.  Reach out, I know it will help them feel a little less alone.  A little more loved and appreciated.  I taught school before going to grad school (and even during grad school) and we had a couple lockdowns due to gun fight in the area.  Little things like a kind text of encouragement helps.  I know people are all hating on thoughts and prayers right now – and yes action is most important.  but I’ll take those prayers any day of the week.
    2. Bring in donuts, a box of coffee from panera, whatever…  to your kids schools for the teachers, and staff (or a school down the street) – with a note to let them know they are loved and supported.  that you are praying for them.
    3. Teach your children to love, even the loneliest of children.  Especially them.  I think we need to think of every child like our own … we see them, they matter – and we love them.  with actions.
    4. Sign up for Big Brothers / Big Sisters. I always say the more adults that love my children, the better.  Be that steady adult for someone who needs it during their childhood.
    5. Don’t let your children watch or play video games that are violent.  Don’t let it into your home.  *I hate that this sounds preachy btw, but feel strongly against it.

    I welcome more ideas for things we can do together to stop this.

    Lots of love to you all – hold your love ones tight!

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