April & May, i love ya.

Remember my pity party in March?  Well April was 100% in the opposite direction.  And May, well you look to be continuing in April’s direction, and I like you a whole lot. already.  So I apologize for this post of “Go Sarah!” … but after March, I needed it.

These guys {are you sick of seeing them yet?} were featured not once, but twice on A CUP OF JO
This photo was featured on another fave site – Sterling Style.  
As inspiration for vacation style.  
{some context for you: I’m in Russia in this photo & it’s 11pm! }
& my other peonies were on Refinery 29.  via the perfect palette.  
Jessica Lorren took photos of me.  always making me look good that gal.
We also worked together with Camilyn Beth on a project.  Just saw those pictures this morning MIND BLOWING.  
I got to go to South Beach for the gorg Brittany’s bachelorette and stayed at the Shore Club.  amazing.
{Met up with the lovely AV }
who crossing-my-fingers, I’ll see in October for Lynzy’s wedding!  
gardenias and magnolias are in bloom around here.  i’m constantly closing my eyes and sniffing on my morning walks. pretty much what i imagine angels to smell like.
oh and april brought me two new brides to the STE family.  I love them already. 
i wore neon.  and my instragrammers  liked it.
{acrylic monogram necklace found here}
my saving grace at all functions.  
{think i might need a waxing appointment…}
And OMG. 
Today is the start of  #weddingweek on The Everygirl!  
And guess who is kicking it all off?
i’m over the moon to share it with you.
head on over there, pretties!

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