anniversary getaway

JB bought the same wine we had on our honeymoon last year (:  
my contribution was the chocolate we were given on our first night of wedded bliss
trying to be like sydney from the daybook.  trying.  
one year!
we had lobster since i had at least six lobsters a day on our honeymoon.  so many that i broke out into a rash.  but i cannot stay away. 
gorgeous views of the rainforest
room service in bed.  
My favorite part about staying in the rainforest is the sounds that come out at night.  You can hear every animal singing their song.  I just love it. 
 Thanks to JB’s in laws anniversary present we stayed in this beautiful hotel right in the rainforest.  They even upgraded us, making it even sweeter. 
Do you have any good upgrade stories?  
I usually just try to be as kind as possible and sometimes that’s all you need.

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