An Admission

It’s been a year since we hung up our ex-pat hats.  Sometimes honestly, I miss it.  
which is why you got one million photos of 2010/2011 in this post.  
When we first moved over there, I remember thinking, holy moly… I have no job!  I am a housewife, with very little house.  more like a shoebox.  What do I do with my time?!  It felt so unproductive in those early months.  Until I settled into it… then, bliss. 
JB kept reminding me to take it easy, enjoy it.  When else was I going to have this much free time?
I guess I’m reminded of how much I’ll miss that and this time in life,  today when I think about how little free time I’ll soon not have.  or quiet time for that matter.   both things I’ve been spoiled with the past couple of years.  I do know that the love I’ll have for this little guy is gonna overshadow these things… deep down.  but I know there will be times where I’ll need quiet. This admission doesn’t make me a monster, but it does make me human.  and a little selfish I realize.  I’m not entirely sure why I’m sharing this here.  I guess if anything, it’s to encourage you to enjoy your life right now.  as it is.  we don’t need to rely on something big to happen to us {like a job change, a baby, a vacation, a partner, if someone was/were not in your life} to be madly in love with life and the people that are in it.  right this instant is a good time for that as any.  and you might actually think back and miss this moment someday.  
so soak it all in. whatever stage of life you’re in. 
and it’s okay to reminisce a bit, but remember to count all of your blessings that you have this day.
okay, now climbing off my soapbox (: 

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