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amazon purchases favorite

  1.  Kidz superfood – I have this stuff on subscribe and save because I use it so much.  A good way to sneak in some extra nutrients into a smoothie.
  2. IRobot mop – We have the older version of this.  I think this current one is three years old.  She’s a strong thing.  I use her almost every day … our kitchen is off the backyard, so the boys are constantly bringing in dirt.  This does a superficial job, but it’s great for daily use.  I use the honest mop pads with her.
  3. Samsung wireless charger:  No more “where’s my cord?”…because these never leave their station.
  4. Kosmos killer bee rub – My fave for meats.  And gluten free!
  5. out of the spin cycle – I have mentioned this before… and I re-read it a lot.  It’s a great one for a new mom, or a mom with toddlers, etc.  It’s also a quick daily read!
  6. Fitbit Alta hr – I thought about getting the apple watch, but didn’t want one more thing to be tethered to.  I loooove my fitbit.  I especially love the sleep tracking and the heartrate workout tracking.
  7. vital proteins collagen peptides – I don’t love this in my water but don’t notice it in juice at all.  Great for bones, skin, hair, and just overall health.
  8. vasanti brighten up – you’ve probably heard me mention this in every skin post.  but this is something I can’t live without.  I exfoliate with this every couple of days.
  9. L-Theanine – for freakouts.
  10. Guasha – I carry nearly all of my tension in my face.  So I bought one of these after watching Elizabeth (my esthetician ) use one.  There’s tons of youtube videos on it.  It increases circulation and tends to lessen the tension I hold in my jaw.
  11. Alexa Tap – we have the portable one, which I love as we can take it upstairs, downstairs, outside… We are always listening to music here.

Goodness, I love Amazon.  Would love to know your favorite amazon purchase of all time?  Mine is definitely Irobot mop!

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  • Reply Victoria

    Okay I think I need this kids superfood stuff! I feel like I’m normal person who doesn’t have time/doesnt prioritize time to make fancy healthy food for Beau but also constantly is aware of what I’m feeding him.. so this would really help and be awesome!

    January 10, 2018 at 10:52 am
  • Reply Taylor

    Super interested about the vasanti skincare! Need to look into that 🙂 I love this Japanese skincare line called DHC which is now available on Amazon. It’s super convenient when you find your go tos on there!

    January 10, 2018 at 9:24 pm
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