An Alsatian French Holiday Part 1 food and flowers

My in-laws love food!  This is such a relief to me who is always thinking, just after breakfast, what I will have for lunch!  They picked out some incredible places to eat in Colmar, France and I wanted to share them with you.  NOW I finally understand why people go crazy over French cuisine.  

  The first night we went to an A-mazing place in the little venice part of Colmar.  

{take note of the heart plates, cheeses, the chalkboard goose, the arrangement of lavender, eggplant and artichoke as a centerpiece}

DESSERT!  Chocolate brownie with warm chocolate sauce in the middle, Alasace Pinot Noir, and of course – Crème brûlée.  

La Petit Venice is filled with incredible antiques.  
and hearts galore.  
i was in heaven!

the next night we ate at La Table Du Broncanteur
i will never be able to say enough good things about the EXPERIENCE.
the food.  oh my word!  the food!  
the service was unreal.  the most joyful french woman on earth was explaining in broken english the menu for at least twenty minutes.   She was so cute!  Only 3 people work there – a husband (chef), wife (everything!) and a lovely young woman.
an appetizer for the appetizer:  cream, salmon, & spices
appetizer:  shark and tomatoes
meal:  my chicken was stuffed with coco, vanilla, and other goodness.  then covered with grapes that were marinated in heavens own sauce.  i have not the slightest idea how chicken could be so good.  but it was.  good doesn’t even begin to touch the surface! Dessert:  three different kinds of gelato or as the french call it – glace.  
The best part of the evening was when they came out with a roman candle atop a scoop of gelato to celebrate my mother in law’s BIRTHDAY!!  

Oh and you can’t get out of here without a few flowers.  🙂

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!  

lots of love.  


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