Hello!  I’m Sarah.  I am married to my favorite person – JB.  Mother to two sweet boys; Wesley and “Tuck” – he’s a fourth, so Tuck is his nickname around here.  I love iced tea, southern sunsets over the gulf of mexico, new orleans-especially the food there, realizing I’ve been smiling for a while and never knew it, breakfast in bed, watching my husband with our kids, hearing him read to them from the other room, having candles burning, books I can’t put down, kindness, having tuck ask me every day to “get cozy mama”, warm chocolate chip cookies, summer salads, gardens, gardenias, husband caught fish for dinner, avocados in everything, the amalfi coast of italy, and praising our Lord for his faithfulness and goodness.  So many things mark my life but having had open heart surgery at 23 is definitely a big one.  It was truly a dark time in my life but I am grateful for the perspective it has given me, for the person it has made me. .  I could never say anything better than how Shanna Neiquist does, especially these two lines, and this is how I feel about blogging:  “I want to use my voice to bring light and hope and beauty.  I want to search for what’s good and shout about that”.  Thanks for following along!  
feel free to email me anytime