Letters to Tuck: Volume 10

pixie pants // i phone case // similar shirt
Hi Tuck,
Yesterday was Halloween and it made me SO over the moon excited for next year.
There was a little lion boy who twick or tweated us last night and my heart turned into a puddle on the floor.  Oh my laws, what you‘re gonna do to my heart. 
Your nina told us that one of the best things about having kids is how you relive your childhood, and see life through your little ones eyes who seem to be always looking at the world in amazement.   How you’re suddenly made aware of the beauty and simplicity of ordinary objects and events so often  overlooked.  My head is sometimes so far up my iphone’s or my mind in the past or future.  But not a kid! They live in the moment.  Your momma digresses, but I love you and I love what you’ve done to my heart. already.

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