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    Staycation at the Vinoy

    As I mentioned yesterday, my girlfriends and I took a little staycation to the Vinoy on Friday.  The Vinoy invited us up for a complimentary night to take a look at the new sample rooms.  JB and I stayed at the Vinoy (and loved it!) about 5 years ago.  I was newly pregnant, and no one knew.  So this post is extra funny (:  …. Anyway, I remembered the old rooms, so it was a treat to stay in what will be the newly decorated rooms.  They are gorgeous!  Take a few peeks for yourself …

    one of my favorite touches!  this was outside on the patio.   this wallpaper ceiling!  so fun.   The marble looking backdrop is actually wallpaper!

    I loved how modern but approachable everything in the room was.  And the beds are still as comfy as I remembered!!

    After arriving on Friday and talking our heads off for three hours in the hotel beds, we headed to dinner at Marchand’s.  It was such a fun dinner and incredibly delicious.  We planned to head out to the Birchwood rooftop bar, but headed in and fell asleep somewhere before 1am chatting some more.  

    The next day we wandered around the property.  It was built in 1925 and they have an entire area showing the hotel in different decades. There’s also pictures of when it when into ruins in the 70’s.  Thank goodness that restored it to the glamorous hotel it is today. 

    I love how much is within walking distance of the Vinoy.  The MFA and the Dali Museum are world class museums right around the corner.   Central ave and beach road both have a ton of fun places to eat and shop.  St Pete is such an eclectic and fun little town, and there’s so much yet to explore.

    Thanks Vinoy for having us up for a night, we had the best time!!



    Summer as seen through my iphone

    What a fun summer, I just went through all of my iphone pictures and wanted to share my favorites.  warning: this post is going to be looooong!  And only include the appropriate ones!  why are my kids always down to their skivvies? (:

    Closing Ceremony on the last day of school.  Tuck the Mayor. forever and ever.  Wes at his older brothers closing ceremony.  Second year he’s gone, and second year I’ve had to take him outside for part of it. (:

    The next morning we went to the four seasons orlando, and had a kick off to summer.  It was the best time!

    Grandma has wesley on Tuesday for gymnastics, and I got to have tuesday mornings with tuckie all summer.  

    My kids are OBSESSED with these quarter rides in the mall.  at stump pass

    early morning snugs

    every sunday, all summer- BBQ and swim at my parents.

    Just wes being wes (;

    lots of beautiful beach dayswent back down to Boca Grande!

    had a little staycation with these gems at The Vinoy i couldn’t pass up peonies at trader joes once this summercelebrated Father’s day with JB, my father in law, and my dad at my in laws house.  

    Tuck did a tennis and golf camp at Long Boat Key resort — it’s such a great camp, if you are here or ever visiting.

    I started something I’ve wanted to do forever – TENNIS!  

    We had JB’s regional meeting down in Naples for a long weekend.

    my mom hosted shannons mom, anitas, birthday.  All of the moms and daughters pictured!

    Tuck at Art Camp.  It was every friday for two hours and they did SO much.  I was really impressed!

    We took Wes to his first movie – Despicable Me 3.

    we all swam in my parents pool 12o923 times this summer.

    We went to Egmont Key on the boat

    I am storing most of my ginger jars on the top of the shelfs and I love it.

    wes took a couple weeks of swim lessons this summer, and improved so much!

    The boys set up their lemonade shop.  I LOVE this antsy pants line – and it was a fun thing for us all to put together (under 20 min). 

    We spent a whole week in Nevis and it was heavenly.  

    a couple things I brought along for the flights (ipad, truck book, sippy cup c/o chicco , cath kidston  backpack, water wow, small cars, + lolly pops!}the boys almost always sneak into our room around 3am.  and I don’t mind onnnnne bit.

    at the kids museum I watched wes line these all up.  this is SO not me.

    After the splash pad, sharing a towel together.  heart melting.

    I took the boys to Hollywood studios solo and it was one of the best days of summer together.  

    Most everything is indoors at Hollywood studios, so it’s a great place to visit in the heat of August.

    We went to Legoland with Jordan and Covington.  It’s huge and there’s so much to do.  Will definitely venture back when it’s cooler.  Tuck at his Art Show (:

    we went to the Rays game!

    my favorite park on LongBoat Key — Bayfront park!

    My best friend haley and goddaughter have been in town, and we made sure to stop at the new Farmhouse donuts!!  so so good.

    These TBBC prayer pajamas melt my heart.  

    At the old historical park in Bradenton, I am always obsessed with this color blue, and love this combo.  We are getting close to the contractor finishing the repairs so painting can begin.  Can I pull the trigger on this combo though?!

    It was my mother in laws 70th birthday!  We stayed at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village and loved watching the animals outside our window – we also went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.

    It’s been a beautiful summer!  I’m not going to lie though,  having a few mornings to myself is going to be nice.  Eventually!  It was a hard day yesterday with no kids, and knowing wes was at school.  I was ready to pick him up about an hour after I dropped him off… but I know that’ll change, and I’ll get used to it.  Or I hope so, anyway (:

    This was a long one!  thanks for making it through. xox




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    My favorite thing to wear this June

    Last Friday, Shannon, Heather, and I skipped town to go up to St. Pete for a night to celebrate Heather’s birthday.  Even though we all live in the same area now, the time we spend together is often hurried.  Well, if you call three-hour dinners hurried (; … but it always feels like never enough time to chat with them.  They are like my sisters and their friendships mean more than I can express.  We missed Cami of course — lucky girl is in Sweden!   We had THE BEST time ever at the pink palace – The Vinoy.  I will share more all about our experience tomorrow but wanted to share my outfit for Saturday brunch and touring around downtown St. Pete.  All photos are by Shannon Kirsten 

    {earrings are from Kate Spade at the outlet mall – I couldn’t find them online // hat — j.crew factory // white pants — c/o Free People // shoes — sam & libby brand from Target // bathing suit doubling as a top is asos // bag — from our trip to the souks in Marrakech// sunglasses are j.crew factory}

    I haven’t stopped wearing some version of this outfit all June.  It’s perfect for days where you are going out to eat/grocery store/shopping but know you’ll be winding up at the pool or beach at some point in the day.  It’s also pretty great for chasing around little ones, while still feeling put together.


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    lest you think all JB and I do is make heartsies eyes at each other…

     i know a lot of people gripe about how people totally control, contrive, and spin their life on blogs.  
    but honestly, who wants to hear about steam coming out of my ears once a week?
    well you get to this week.
    we went to St. Pete for a long weekend for JB’s work. 
    We checked in around two on thursday and i immediately plopped myself down on our huge soft comfy bed.
    {are hotel beds the best or what!}
    JB was all “enjoy yourself!  go to the spa! pool!  order room service!” while he had to head to a meeting.  
    he said: “you don’t have to meet up until 6pm tonight!”
    i’m like okay, this weekend is going to be amazing.
    Around 4pm I was lounging around in my Vinoy Robe, had just taken a shower, ordered room service…  
    just being a sloth in general and enjoying living in fat city for a bit.  
    then JB walks in and tells me I have to be down there in 9 minutes for an introduction!  
    in front of 170 people.  probably 165 i don’t know and this is the first time meeting.
    first impressions are important!  
    and he goes “didn’t you read the pamphlet?” 
    oh heck naw JB.  
    didn’t you tell me i had to be down there at 6pm!
    “pamphlet?  i read everything in the bag! there’s no schedule!”
    i am in a panic. i look like a wet rat.  
    then jb sheepishly goes… “oops… i took the pamphlet with me…” 
    oh no he di’int.  
    so at this point he knows he is in trouble.  
    i wanted to ring his neck.  we are lucky i wasn’t armed.
    i hustle and get ready in thirty minutes. 
    jb texts me to tell me he’ll be in the back row so i can slip in.
    As i walk into the room, i notice JB has just stood up and he says 
    how sorry he is that his wife isn’t here so he could introduce me…
    and there i come in behind him and say, what else : “oh i’m here” with a wave.  
    in this moment i want to die.  
    everyone giggles.  
    my facial expression cannot fake a thing.  
    my smile looks like i am in a world of pain.  
    then they ask me to stand up for a picture. 
    i think, i hope this picture does not see the light of day.
    when the spotlight is no longer on us, 
    JB and i exchange a look.
    smirks. head shakes.  giggles.  
    it’s really not that big of a deal! 
    and all is right with us again. 
    a few minutes later this meeting is all over …
    i cannot tell you how many people thought we planned this.  planned this! 
    i was like, no, this is THEE definition of mortification for me.
    so there’s an unusual slice of tucker life for you.  (that’s on the blog, anyway).
    and a few more pictures of the Vinoy in St. Pete.
    {before my big “publicity stunt”}
    a couple other things that happened this weekend.
    – we were in the elevator.  i introduced myself to someone i had recognized from the meetings. 
    he goes “i know you! i went to your wedding! i gave you frittata pans…”
    ohhhh right… hmph.  all i can say is that “i’m a frittata fanatic”.  #awkward #myweddingwashuge
    – the marlins were staying with us and JB’s old coach was there.  JB had fun catching up, and I quite liked hearing a nickname i have never heard – “big T!”
    – i ordered room service 4 times.  in addition to having 3 more than square meals. #fatcity
    – you know how things seem more dramatic at night?  well, to me, they do.  
    JB was in my brother’s room at the hotel watching baseball and they had ordered late night pizza. 
    i said – bring me a piece!  when jb got in i was passed out, but said to leave my pizza on the night stand.  (um, gross.  jb thought so too.) then i look up, and see JB eating my pizza!  i looked at him like he had just taken the last girl scout cookie.  and passed out again.
    – JB’s dad was awarded an incredible honor and award this weekend.  The first time the speaker introduced him, i was a little shocked at why they didn’t have many stories about him!  my father in law is quite the character, in the best way.  so i was bit bummed!  then… the very last award – he gets it.  and letters were read that made me just bawl crying.  it was such a nice ending to the weekend.  so proud of him!
    ok. the end!