What can I say?  a white woman?  with all the privilege that goes along with that.  But I can’t not say something.  What happened in Charlottesville turned my stomach.  It makes me physically ill that this kind of hate is out there.   The fact that there are people that think this way, people we encounter on a day to day basis and have no idea?  It’s terrifying.   It makes me very sad for them, that they carry around this darkness all day, every day.   It makes me hurt for my friends.

I feel powerless.  What can I do?

I love my boys endlessly and I raise my boys to love everyone.  And it’s not hard because they already do.  They don’t care if you are black, white, indian, old, young, homeless, rich, etc… they just do.  Because they don’t see why these things would even divide us (and they are right).  It’s lost on them, as it should be.  They are always just looking for a friend, someone to play with on the playground, or help them up when they fall.  There is no requirement to look the same!  But for whatever reason, something can happen and sometimes this loving kindness gets lost on the way to adulthood.  I pray and hope my children never lose it.

In the Spring when Tuck had his violin recital, I was so proud when I looked around and I was the minority (I definitely get the irony in that sentence!).  I love that this is the environment he will grow up in.  It’s so important that we, as parents, and all of the role models to children, that we model kindness, compassion, forgiveness and respect toward everyone.   Dear Lord let me not forget, they are always watching!


I love this — “tell me something kind you did today”



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