7 things, and a winner.

Thank you to Em=Me, Made with butter and love, life of the liliesrun with me and fabulous fashions, sensible style – for nominating me for a stylish blogger award.
I’d like to thank loehmanns, off fifth, forever 21, j.crew, and h & m.  (:
 The stipulations are to list 7 random things about moi.


1. I always say good morning followed by some shmoopie nickname to JB when we first wake up.  You got to start your day off right. right?
2. no surprise here.  i am a goofball.  so silly.  especially around my mom, sisters, girlfriends.  constant giggles. 
3. I’ve got a big heart.  and it’s always front and center, hanging out on my sleeve.  If you want to know how I feel about something… look no further than the expression on my face.  It’ll tell you everything. I can’t hide a darn thing.

 4.  truly believe this quote – a good marriage is when both people think they’re getting the better end of the deal. 
5.  My love language is a tie between words of encouragement and quality time. Do you know yours?  read this.
6.  Italy is my favorite place in the world.  I even lived in Milan as a child.  We will blame my childhood in Italy on my nutella, san pellegrino, toblerone obsession.  
7.  I’ve said this before.  I am spoiled.  but not spoiled rotten!  i’m grateful for everyday.  even the tough ones.  


& Congrats Kit of A Step into My Life!  
You’re the winner of the blogaversary giveaway (:
I’ll be emailing you shortly.  

if you’d like a chance at winning one of my prints… head on over to
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