60 saragossa, you are my fave

Oh nostalgia … i may have a condition where i miss people too much.  Since it’s that time of year where everyone is graduating I’ve been thinking about my besties and college roomies (60 saragossa- represent).  God really hooked me up when he put these two in my life.  We’ve been through a lot and we even had our panties stolen not once, but twice by a middle aged wife beater wearing underwear loving creep of an oldie man- nicknamed the “panty bandit” by the media.  We are probably still treated with horror by some of our classmates … we literally ran around campus in our own world where people were given names like – claude the old man student, baby boomer but later named cuz when we discovered he was ash’s cousin, crazy amy who dressed up as osama bin laden and rode around on a bike halloween of 2002??… we weren’t the only crazy ones.  There’s even a poem i have but will not post about a friend of ours who wanted to open up a club shaped as a kitty cat.  I loved that sleepy old st. augustine but i loved meeting my life partners (LP4L) waaaay more.  Thanks for making college ze bes.  
I love you girls and miss you like a crazy lady.  

I am so proud of the two of you and blessed everyday by your friendship.  

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