5 tips on fostering sweet sibling relationships

Most surprising to me is how close my kids are.  They get along and play non stop most of the time.  I know that won’t always be the case, and likely as soon as I hit publish the tides will turn on me!  And now, I only have two and a half years under my belt in this sibling thing, so really what do I know?  A lot of this is plain luck.  But a couple people have asked how they get along so well?  what did you do?  So here’s a post on what helped us in those newborn days…

    1.  When I was pregnant I read a ton of books and we watched Daniel tiger’s “new baby” episode a few times. I prepared him as much as possible for what to expect.  Here’s a few of our favorites during that time:

  1. When Wes arrived I tried to include him in everything.  When wes was a crying newborn, I’d ask Tuck what he thought was wrong.  Having help him diagnose the problem was pretty cute but also made him feel involved.  I also had him fetch diapers, clothes, etc.  
  2. We napped for so long together in those early months.  It was mostly out of survival, but also because I thought there’s something sweet that’s fostered between them in that.  Being close to his baby was his favorite.  
  3. Whenever Tuck had been somewhere I always made sure to have a little something for him from Wesley.  Not big things but a hot wheel or a couple stickers.  We’d pick him up from school, and I’d have something in his carseat and tell him it was from his brother.  He loved that!  As a two year old, he totally believed that this little two week old picked him out something (:  I hoped it made him think he was always being thought of by his brother!  
  4. With my first son I stayed in a lot, but with a toddler that’s hard to do.  We went so many places as a family, and just the three of us too.  I took Wes places I would have not taken Tuck before six months.  I think having wesley usually along for the ride helped tuck be very aware of him.  There were certain limitations, and I just think that helped him think more of Wes, and his needs as a baby.  I’m not sure if that makes sense!
  5. I had Tuck at home until a little after Wesley was born.  I think having his own thing really helped him with his sense of self, and to have his own thing going on.
    {boys are in adorable seersucker by Nantucket Kids c/o// T-Shirt is Honey Bee Tees}

I’d love to hear ideas on how you help foster sibling love?  I’ll need help as they get older!!

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