37 weeks

Photos by Shannon Kirsten – thank you shannie for capturing this special time in mine and wesley’s life!  

{wendy bellisimo dress c/o destination maternity // shoes are old from nordstrom rack and not online – but these are similar // straw hat // earrings c/o rocksbox – get your first month free with code sarahbff96 // nail color – bubble bath opi }

How far along? 37 weeks!   It’s so great I have always wanted a big ole belly, and now I have one (: 

How big is baby?  My app says the size of a winter melon.

Total weight gain/loss:  34 pounds so far.  hoping to make it to forty.

Maternity clothes? I am loving the wendy bellisimo collection.  It’s priced well, and so many of the dresses will be perfect for after wesley is born.  

Sleep:  I seem to get the most braxton hicks at night time, so that’s interferring with sleep quite a bit.  

Best moment this week: we’ve had to wait on getting grass in the back yard since we moved here as it wouldn’t grow properly unless we waited until this month.  And this week it is!  It’s so nice seeing a green backyard.  Watching Tuck and Lola play out back is making me so happy.  I can’t wait for Wesley to join the two wild things out back.

Movement:  I feel like he never stops moving.  Busy like his brother.

Food cravings:  Same as last time I reported – orange juice.  I’m actually doing a sponsored post next week with florida citrus – tropicana is my OJ of choice.  I seriously go through a gallon every few days.  

Food Aversions: still none.

Gender: It’s a boy!!

Labor Signs:  nope nope nope.  stay in there lil guy. {just the braxton hicks but nothing else}

Pregnancy Symptoms: I’m still occassionaly nauseated but only throw up some days.  It’s much better than tucks pregnancy – where I was still throwing up every day at this point.  I am having braxton hicks and some reflux but nothing too uncomfortable or consistent.  

Belly Button in or out? It’s made its way on out.

What I miss:  for sure a margarita.  especially since I’m in mexico!!

What I am looking forward to: taking tuck to his first spring training game this weekend and another good report on monday.

Upcoming appointments/events:  Every week now!

Milestones:  If he’s born early, he should be fully developed.  Hooray!!  

Hope y’all have the best weekend!!  Happy First day of Spring!!  

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