35 weeks

taken yesterday on Anna Maria Island with JB, my sister Molly and Tuck 
{hat //  maternity shorts c/o // coverup is last year old navy but this one from ON is similar // cooler bag c/o // tucks swim trunks c/o // tucks saltwater sandals }
tomorrow marks 36 weeks.
We are in the home stretch to meeting our little Wesley!  
I am soooo excited – jessie spano style.
But it’s also hit me that this time with just my big boy is so fleeting (isn’t it always…!).  And then it makes me feel guilty for feeling that way because Wes won’t get just me time.  I’m not sure if it’s a last minute surge in the hormones but holy moly have I been a weepy mess.  Feeling all of the feelings that you could ever feel all. at. once.  I know as soon as Wes arrives it will feel like he was never not a part of our family.  I feel that way now but know it will be magnified.  I know he is going to change my life in such a big way, in the best way.  I can’t wait to know him!  I also can’t really wrap my brain around it all.  The one big question I have for myself is : How will I do nap time?  big problems I have that are really blessings, right!  (: Seriously considering hiring someone just to come during naptime to get Tuck down who still  looooooves the snuggles.  If he is snuggling someone he will nap for four hours straight.  I wish that were my job – just to get all the snuggles and then hand back a rested toddler.  I’m sure that means I’ve spoiled him! but in that regard, I do not care. worth every cuddle. 
soooo  here was some insight into the mind of my 35 week pregnant with her second self.  
happy and weepy and nostalgic and excited. (:  

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