3 adventures of our first year abroad…

some favorite euro moments
#1 Leyman, France
we had been living in switzerland for two weeks.  we figured why not hike to france and up to their castle.  while that was super fun (also exhausting) we did work up an appetite.  We walked into a place where not a soul knew english.  oh joy.  we ordered, well … we weren’t sure of what we ordered.  But when our plates were in front of our faces the waiter said something very stern.  it apparently was DON’T TOUCH THE PLATE IT IS HOT
but we didn’t know.  jb touched the plate.  everyone in the room died laughing.  
ha ha ha, the joke was on us.  we laughed about it then, but we belly laugh about it now.
#2 Lugano, Switzerland
easter sunday.  the first easter i had ever been away from my family.  it was spent basking in the italian section of Switzerland.  The sun was out.  We hadn’t lived in Switzerland for very long.  We decided we’d try a hostel as this was how our european peers traveled.  UM.  not okay for newlyweds.  We were in a room with 10 14 year old girls, JB, me, and a man who kept ordering the girls around.  i abandoned my bunk and hopped in jbs top bunk.  I’m sure that made the 14 year old girls really comfortable…. we made it through the night all right.  But this would certainly be our last hostel experience.
Basel, Switzerland
Our first years stove.  On the right we would shove old papers in there to gain warmth.  and oh that sweet stove.  we’d have to light it each time with a match.  i was bald for a time due to a light gone wrong.  i love this little apartment.  I cried when we left.  It was the first time we had a home together.  One that was all ours.  we had dinner parties here, we developed friendships there on our porch, oh and the wine and cheese party … just the mention brings a huge smile across my face.  
to be continued… 

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