Wednesday, April 16, 2014

splurge vs save

I'm mostly a saver, but I do splurge when I think I'll get the most bang for my buck.  Some items in my closet were marked down after a mark down then 50% off of that red priced tag.  I love hitting a good sale- I just feel so smart!  It makes me giddy.  I'm always so proud of getting something at a good price and if I didn't get something on sale, I feel a little embarrassed.  I honestly think I have a disease that forces me to blurt out how much something cost when people compliment me.  I think I'm probably too old to shop at forever 21 (like 9 years too old) but then I'm also too cheap to get basics elsewhere.  When I do shop there, I search for the things I'm currently stuck on and just can't shake for the moment - tassels, embroidered, boho , floral .. I always order a size or two up there as well.  But I just like things a little bigger rather than tighter on me.  ASOS is another place I spot a lot of keepers for little cash.  Their love line is affordable and basic enough that with the right jewelry look classic.  I've been obsessed with mara hoffman (25% off with code INTHEFAMILY14) for a few years now, but just can't bring myself to spend that kind of cash on a piece... even when they go on sale.  I did find this knock off for $33!  and so it's not perfectly mara, but it sure would look good on a little pregnant lady or well, anybody this summer.
Though on the splurge side of things, I always love to get a great print.  When tory came out with this "madura" print in these pants and the price dropped significantly I pulled the trigger.  But only after watching them for quite a while.  And I love those darned pants - always get compliments on them!
I also think there are brands that I love to wear for special occasions - camilyn beth is a big duh for that, lilly, rachel pally, and a beautiful dress from Anthro all have staying power in my wardrobe.  Though they are all quite a bit of pocket change to get - they identify with my personal style that hasn't changed in ages.  So I get the most for my money by wearing them over and over - plus I think a good dress from those brands is pretty much timeless.

Would love to know what you save on & what you scrimp on?



  1. Handbags--I splurge on handbags. I don't pay full price for anything else in my wardrobe. I allow myself 2 a year.

  2. I usually splurge on dresses for work. Since most of the time I'm either dressed for work or in pjs. I also oscillate on splurging on shoes or not. Our feet are so important, but mine always get beat up, so I feel very torn on that one.
    But honestly, I rarely shop for clothes. I shop for home decor much more than anything else and I like to save on that whenever I can!

  3. I do the same, Sarah! If it's a trendy type thing...I buy cheap-o, but classic clothing I know that I will wear for years to come...I try to save for and buy from my favorites - J.Crew, Anthro, etc. It's just worth it. I am trying to become a better sale hunter though! I don't try hard enough there. Ps. I have that white maxi with the embroidery. LOVE it. I have gotten so many compliments because of it.


  4. great picks! i love a good sale and im the same way whenever someone compliments something i am wearing i always tell them where it's from and if i got a deal!! and then im really disappointed when others dont do the same and i have to ask them where they bought it! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I've been thinking of that mara knock off white dress ever since you pinned it! Seriously thinking about getting it to dress my bump this summer!

  6. I am like you...I splurge and save...I save on shoes...because I mess them up quick since I usually wear heels...but I also splurge on brown and black comfort heels for work. I splurge on a good pair of jeans...and handbags. It is a give and take...can't splurge on everything! Especially when I have things to buy for our new house..and a vacation coming up soon! haha


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