Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pinhole Press for Valentine's Day

{personalized valentine's cards c/o Pinhole Press }
what's better than snail mail?  to me; very little.
I've used Pinhole Press since 2010 right around when they first came out.  Their quality is quite a few steps above any other photo printing site plus the designs are clean.   I've used them to design everything from photo books, wine and beer labels, framed prints and personal calendars.  But out of all my pinhole projects making these Valentine's cards has been my favorite.  Loved how personal you could make them - right down to what you wanted to tell grandma and granddaddy on Valentine's Day!  We had fun stamping all over our cards yesterday and giving them to our sweet postman.
{sometimes i think i might be the one keeping the USPS in biz}
they'll be brightening many family & friends February's soon.!


  1. Such cute cards! I bet everyone will feel so special when they get them in the mail!

  2. stop being so perfect... but don't really.

  3. These cards are so adorable! More people need to get on board with snail mail.

  4. Those little helping hands. Oh my heart! <3

  5. Beautiful cards! Your photography skills are impeccable. You always capture the PERFECT moment. YAY for snail mail :) nothing like getting a letter in your mailbox (and not just bills).

  6. These are so gorgeous and I'm sure will be welcome on people's refrigerators long after pink/red heart season has passed. A great way to personalize the holiday for the people you love.

  7. Beautiful! And my heart melts at those little baby hands.

    <3 Daryl

  8. aww, sarah, good choices! these are adorable.
    loving your calypso looks lately! xoxo

    love, taylor


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